Barbara Mahama has taken to the practice range to find solace in golf following the sad and painful demise of her husband, Major Maxwell Mahama; who was callously murdered in May 2017.

The scourge of the cruel incident painted a grim picture of a young woman in pain who had to make time for the increasingly hectic family orientation and personal life.

Nevertheless, recognizing golf’s intrinsic ability to improve wellbeing, Managing Editor of TheGolfer Online, Collins Kofi Oppong, initiated an arrangement that would provide some flexibility for Barbara to play golf and potentially develop a life time hobby.

Afia Konadu Agyepong; an ardent lady golfer in Ghana, accepted to help Barbara make the necessary adjustments as she readied to confront the practice range and the fairways.

It therefore came as a pleasant development when Barbara posted a short video on her Instagram page of her hitting a hybrid at the practice range of the Achimota Golf Club.

These words speak volumes of a woman who has had to wallow in life’s scorching maze in the most upsetting nature.

However, after dusting herself off and dealing with the excesses, she has found strength to carry on and challenge herself to a game that requires lots of determination, consistency and patience.

Barbara nevertheless is excited to walk the fairways and take charge of the greens to discover herself on the course while she enjoys the thrilling and engaging qualities of golf.

To make the best of her time on the course, Barbara will with the help of her trainer set attainable goals and follow it up with a schedule purely for playing golf.
But more than anything else, Barbara will just go out there to play golf and simply enjoy the game.

There may be few initial rusty rounds but with the right input and practice, Barbara will soon master her game and deliver incredible results.


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