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Aside getting a broken heart from a boyfriend, one thing that almost every woman fears to encounter is being raped.

This fact can’t be denied because unlike men, sekz means a lot to women, this is why it is no surprising when a woman is seen being very selective when it comes to who should see her nakedness

As we all know, most victims of rape normally hate their abusers forever. The worst is when they end up hating guys. Well, there has been a change in the trend as this woman claims she once cheated on her husband with her rapist.

According to her, she’s never regretted what she did because her husband was so mean and irresponsible in those days.

This is how she tells her story:

“Visiting their home was a routine not only because we were living in the same vicinity; his wife was my senior back in SHS so as alumni of St. Roses, we became friends the very first day I met them”

“He was very friendly, supportive, hardworking and a motivator who eventually became my counselor and adviser, especially during hard times with my parsimonious husband”

“In fact, I still remain my husband’s wife because of his words of wisdom. Yes! there were times I wanted to divorce my husband because of his plenty excuses anytime he fails to provide certain basic needs for myself, our two year old daughter and his mum. His shallow excuses were sometimes too much for me but in all, my rapist succeeded in convincing me not to quit the ever ailing marriage. Perhaps he wanted me to stay a bit longer in the neighborhood so that he could have his way”

“I reserved so much respect for him and his wife until the day he betrayed the trust I reposed in him.”

“After a hot quarrel with my husband that Saturday evening, he invited me to their home. That was the ritual anytime I fight my husband. This time our argument had to do with our light. That Saturday was the fifth day we were going to sleep without light since our prepaid got finished and as usual, my husband was not ready to renew it.”

“I was so angry when I got to my rapist room so to calm down things
I requested for a glass of water. He went to fetch the water himself since his wife was not around. I waited for about ten minutes before he finally returned with the water but I was not bothered by his delay”

“The only thing I remember after drinking the water was him on top of half naked me, thrusting in and out of my small vagina hole roughly and aggressively with his big manhood.”

“When he sensed I was awake, he pinned me on the sofa and begged me in a soft tone not to scream or make noise. In my outmost disappointment and shock, I lied helplessly and silently on the sofa till he was done.”

“He confessed putting a drug in the water he gave me and pleaded with me not to tell his wife about what happened. He was not worried about my husband because he knew there’s no way I would tell him. With no shame, he promised to take care of me and my child if I agree to date him secretly”

Regardless of how much I was hurt and disappointed, I did my best to piece the fractured evening together like shards of glass. I headed out of his room without spitting a word to him”

“Several months after the incident my husband was still not being responsible and that’s how I ended up cheating with the rapist when things were really tough for me but I had no one to help except him”

“My husband is being quite responsible now but I don’t regret cheating on him back then because he was close-fisted”

She confessed with no sign of regression!


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