You may not realize it, but your body constantly communicates with you. Owing to the constant stress and chaos, we generally fail to acknowledge those signals. There are 3 ways a body communicates with us – physical, mental, and emotional. We are much connected to the physical aspect of our body. A woman’s body will react suitably when she isn’t with the right man.

You Smile Less when you are Alone

One of the signs that you aren’t with the right guy is that you lose your smile. If you think about the other person and you still don’t feel like smiling, then you must definitely reconsider your choice. You may lie to others about your emotions but you can’t lie to yourself. If you are feeling low when you are not around them (not because of missing them),  you need to realize your true feelings.

No Self-Esteem

Your Ideal guy should make you happy about yourself. When you are with your man, your self-esteem should be very high. If your confidence is destroyed or if you constantly doubt yourself, it is a sign that you aren’t with the right guy.

Emotionally Exhausted

A healthy relationship keeps your emotions in check. You feel energized when you are around your man.  But if the exact opposite is happening around with you, then you are mentally and emotionally drained.  You won’t have even a drop of energy around your man.

A Mind in Denial

Women tend to examine their relationships carefully. There isn’t any woman present who hadn’t convinced herself of something being right when it clearly wasn’t. If you are in a healthy relationship, you should never have to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing by keeping this relationship alive. But if you are doing so, you are clearly with the wrong guy.

You Neglect Yourself

When you get into a relationship, you also need to keep your own personal space as well. But if you end up canceling all your plans just for the sake of your partner, then you need to rethink certain things. Having a relationship with your own self is also important. You should not neglect yourself for your partner.

If you are a woman, you must carefully examine these points and check if you are unhappy in your relationship.

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