Legendary Ghanaian Highlife singer Kofi Bee has dropped a hint he will be quitting music and pursue other endeavors.

According to the songwriter and composer, music doesn’t pay any more as it used to during the good old days due to the introduction of modern technology.

He revealed that music was better and money generating when they had producers who could buy their albums and offer them huge sum of money.

“Today, the advent of modern technology has made it very difficult for us to make money out of what we do as musicians, he told Sikka Fm in Kumasi in an interview, adding that “Now the reason I do music is just for fun and nothing else.

This is not the first time a Ghanaian Highlife artiste has complained about how introduction of social media and other technology has affected their music career.

Most of them have complained same whiles others have also blamed radio and TV presenters for not playing their music on air these days.

“Today people don’t listen to highlife music anymore even DJs don’t want to play it also the systems in music this generation is making it difficult to make money out of it”, Kofi B has said.



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