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Kuami Eugene Again??? Adane Best Accuses Kuami Eugene of Music Theft (+ Song)





The ‘Angela’ hitmaker, Kuame Eugene is gradually tainting his admirable reputation with the constant accusation of theft of music lyrics.

As a result, Ghanaians especially social media users are of the view that the Lynx Entertainment signee is not talented but only rides on people’s songs to elevate his status.

Recall that Kuami Eugene was ‘busted’ when he released ‘confusion’ song. This is because one Malian musician called Sidiki Diabaté who released the same version of the song back in 2015 accused Kuami Eugene of stealing his lyrics employed in the song dubbed ‘confusion’

Besides, Kuami Eugene was recently accused by Nigerian Ice Prince over sampling or better still stealing of lyrics to reproduce his “Wish Me Well” chart-topping song. Remember that ‘Wish Me Well’ was composed by Kuame Eugene with the idea to silence his critics who always troll him on social media for his bad sense of fashion.

Well, the latest person to accuse Kuami Eugene of “stealing” is veteran High-life singer Adane Best. Speaking exclusively in an interview with DJ Premier Accra FM, Adane Best said the Lynx Entertainment signee stole his signature ‘Eeeeeee eeeeeee‘ from his song ‘Mama Mia‘ which had the ‘Eeeeeee eeeeeee‘ a lot of times in the introduction of the song.

Adane Best also alleged that in Kuami Eugene’s ‘Wish Me Well’, the lines “Nana Nyame Kabi mame kabi mame kabi mame kabi mame kabi ma wo mba Nana Nyame bɛ Kabi ma wo mba ah” were also taken from the last line of his ‘Mama Mia’ song.

When he was asked if he would take any legal action against the youngster, Adane Best answered in the negative, adding that he only wants the ‘right’ thing to be done.

Truthfully, the development is unfortunate because this is not the first time Kuami has been accused of lyrical theft or illegal sampling. With this, one can conclude that’s it’s a deliberate act on the part of Kuami Eugene to ride on people’s sweat to make name for himself cetéris paribus.

Listen to the song under scrutiny below and don’t forget to share your candid opinion with us in comments box.

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