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Medikal Stored Your Name As ‘Carpenter’–Sister Derby Laughs At Fella Makafui (Listen)



Sister Derby has revealed that, during the time she was dating Ghanaian rapper Medikal, the rapper had stored the name of Fella on his phone as ‘Carpenter’—Yeah, that’s ridiculous right?

Well, we’ve heard of girls storing name of boys as ‘Electrician, John Airtime, Kwesi Provisions and the likes and boys also storing names of girls in ridiculous names or titles, just so they don’t get caught that they are cheating.

After all, if you are with bae and a call comes in and you check and it’s ‘Carpenter’ calling, you wouldn’t be bothered to pick up right?

Sister Derby and her kid ex-boyfriend, Medikal

Sister Derby who was dumped by 29-year-old Medikal after they dated for some 2 years released a diss song last night and described Medikal and Fella Makafui as two cockroaches in love, a statement that forced Medikal to officially announce Fella Makafui as his new girlfriend.

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Sister Derby maintained that she’s cool and that just as Medikal was able to betray her, he would do same to Fella Makafui too.

Fella Makafui

In her song Sister Derby spoke about how Medikal stored Fella’s name as ‘Carpenter’. She then went ahead to ask him to change it to Plumber for all she cares.

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It’s obvious Medikal had been ‘genging and benging’ Fella even when he was dating Derby and Derby got tired or pretending she wasn’t hurt.

Listen to the song below:

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