Black Avenue Muzik sensation Nina Ricchie has responded to Ghanaians who cannot have enough of her boobs, especially those who claim they are not real but the product of some tinkering by Dr. Obengfo.


Nina swears by all you can swear by that her boobs are very real and has never undergone any surgeon’s touch.

She also said she’s flaunting them because they were given to her by God and she believes every woman should be able to flaunt what they have.


The singer recently became an online sensation after she appeared at DJ Mensah’s all white party in a dress completely designed to show everyone her hanging, gargantuan and massive melon sized boobies.


After the photo went viral many Ghanaians were of the view that her ‘assets’ are not natural but Nina has responded to those claims.
According to her, they are very real and all a gift from God.

“I want Ghanaian women to show off what they have, busty, plump girls. Be proud of what God gave you and show off as much as they want to,” Ricchie said.

She also praised D-Black, CEO of Black Avenue Muzik, for giving her a chance at a time nobody wanted to help her advance her career.

“I’ve always wanted to be a musician however it’s been really difficult. Everyone I’ve approached to help me has always wanted sexual favors in return till I met D-Black. He’s given me my first shot with Black Avenue Muzik and now here we go.”


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