ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor

Tough-talking Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr Benjamin Agordzor has revealed that his family and friends are scared for him for being too loud about happenings in the police service amidst the emergence of political vigilantism, can report.

He disclosed in an interview this portal closely monitored that he is not worried himself but it is just close family members and friends who have inundated him with calls expressing fears he could be victimized.

“No superior officer of mine has called me or no Minister has called me. It is rather family and friends who are calling me and expressing fear I could be victimized by those in authority but I am not bothered because the things I say are the truth”, he explained.

The senior policeman who is Director of the Transformation Programmes Office of the Ghana  Police Service, made headlines this week when during a symposium organised by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) indicated that the police administration is helpless in the issue of political vigilantism.

His reason was that, these groups have the blessing of the political parties they operate for stating that it is extremely difficult for the police to discharge their duties professionally in such instances.

“I get worried when I hear people lambast the police for failing to arrest these persons. The police have every power to clamp down on them, but how do you expect us to act when our hands are tied under the very laws that govern our operations?,” Dr Agordzor asked,

He however warned of negative repercussions if action is not taken now to curb the trend that is assuming an alarming proportion in within the political landscape.

“If care is not taken, we will have rule of political parties instead of rule of law.

“If you thought that vigilante activities constitute a problem now, then wait until it truly explodes. I call it Ghana’s unexploded political ordinance,” he said.


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