CEO of Menzgold,Nana Appiah Mensahhas spoken again after a month of silence on Social media. He has bee mute for the last 1 month but sent out another tweet after the deputy minister of finance, Charles Adu Boahen said his company is not coming back.

Nana Appiah has always maintained that his company is not a financial institution as been tagged such by BoG and the SEC and in a his new tweet re-emphasized his position that it is not one.

In a tweet, the CEO of Menzgold and owner of Zylofon Media, posted an image of some people praying to God at ‘Israel’ to help us visualize how he’s praying hard to overcome the plans of BoG and SEC since his company’s trading activity has been halted for a long time now.

In his tweet, he wrote; “Menzgold is NOT a financial institution. Menzgold is a vibrant promising African brand, that is here to stay. Menzgold is law abiding. Great is thy faithfulness, O! God. Hail! Menzgold ! Menzgold

With the mention of God in his posts as he’s always done, it’s clear NAM will definitely speak some tongues to break hold of any spirit of oppression, but some investors are even more pissed that he’s mentioning God, when all they want is for him to refund them their money.

On his Instagram, he posted the screenshot of the tweet there and caption it; “We are almost there. Hang on!!! Menzgold is here to stay. #Ghanashallprosper🇬🇭 #BelieveInGhana”

At this stage, no one really knows what he meant by “We are almost there” as the deputy minister of finance revealed that Menzgold has still not submitted documents to SEC to help them understand their operations, to be able to even make a decision as to whether to consider them and let them operate or not.

Nana Appiah and wife, Queen Rozy
Nana Appiah Mensah and wife

But the company has announced earlier plans of moving the entire business online from Menzgold Ghana to Menzgold Global, where investors would be able to trade with them on their website and app, in the coming days. has learned that on 5th November, the company will make another announcement to give more details on this as customers will then chose whether to migrate to the online platform, where government cannot regulate them or terminate their contract with them.

We would share more on Mengold with you, to keep you updated, but for now if you have investments there, you might as well want to join Nana Appiah Mensah and speak some tongues for an intervention.


In another separate tweet, the CEO of the company has said, he will be addressing issues in relation to Menzgold on Zylofon FM come this Monday.

See tweet below:

Nana Appiah Mensah@mn_appiah

I would be addressing the public on Menzgold and other related matters on Zylofon fm, 102.1 on Monday, “Time with Menzgold ” between 11am & 12noon. Kindly tune in. Menzgold is here to stay.



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