N’GOLO KANNTE Once Aain PROVES He Is The MOST HUMBLE g Earth Player On
Chelsea star N’Golo Kante is one of football’s humble stars and a recent revelation made by Fooball Leaks just confirmed that.

The agency had opened secrets of top clubs including Premier League side Manchester City, who are under investigation into alleged Financial Fair Play cheating and could be axed from the Champions League.

But despite the scrutiny, the Frenchman has a clean record after details revealed how the 25-year-old refused to take part in a scheme.

According to reports, an offshore company was set up for Kante – who earlier this season consoled an upset Arsenal fan – to pay his image rights into.

And it is understood that the scheme would have saved him around £870,000 a year on his salary if he agreed, but the former Leicester City refused to sign despite Chelsea’s insistence.

But reports claimed Kante agreed on the scheme earlier but at the long run he refused to complete the deal.

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N’Golo Kante turned down offshore payments from Chelsea because he was worried it was dishonest, according to Football Leaks.
His tax advisor told the club: “N’Golo is inflexible, he simply wants a normal salary.” 

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Christoph Winterbach


It’s not all bad what we find in . Here we have N’Golo refusing a tax evasion scheme and asking @ChelseaFC for just a normal salary. It’s kind of sad that we have to celebrate that. But still: kudos to @nglkante. 

Football Leaks zu N’Golo Kanté und den Steuertricks des FC Chelsea

Klubs in der Premier League zahlen Spielern nicht nur Gehalt, sondern auch Geld für ihre Vermarktungsrechte. Oft fließt es in Offshore-Firmen. Der Franzose N’Golo Kanté lehnte dieses Modell beim FC…

Instead, the holding midfielder allegedly asked the club for a “normal salary”.

In an email said to be from the holding midfielder’s tax adviser to Chelsea in May 2017, the adviser revealed Kante is “increasingly concerned” about coming under investigation.

It is claimed that the email read: “After reading numerous press articles on image rights and tax investigations against players and clubs, N’Golo is increasingly concerned that [what was proposed to him could be called into question by tax authorities.”

According to French media outfit L’Equipe, it is alleged Kante reached an agreement whereby he was paid image rights but only through a British company, which will pay the corporation tax.



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