A Nigerian-based pastor who recently got exposed after his sekz video went viral has bounced back leading a praise & worship session in his church. Apostle Chris Omatsola made headlines following his viral sekz video scandal with one of his church members.

In the hot video, the suppose man of God was seen kissing, sucking and banging the hell out of a plus size  women who is also believed to be one his Church mermbers

Pastor Chris later apologized to Nigerians after reportedly relocating his church (Zionwealth Of Life Assembly in Lekki area of Lagos) over threats that trailed the release of the clip. The pastor revealed that the new location of his ministry was only known to core members because he feared for his life and those of his members.

This was after some journalists visited two locations of the church in the Lekki and Ajah areas of Lagos on Sunday to see the effect of the incident on members. Nobody was seen at both locations.
The cleric had also been accused by the woman who featured in the clip identified as Tamaratokoni Okpe (the pastor’s ex-fiance) of intentionally releasing the tape after she refused to marry him because he was abusive.

Shortly after things fell apart between them, the sekz video emerged on the Internet.


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