We have gradually gotten to the era where our young girls feel proud to share their evil secrets publicly without feeling guilty.

Not long ago, one of the so called female celebrities proudly told BBC journalist how she’s being surviving through promiscuity and even suggested to the younger ones to follow the trend if they want to be financially sane. Others are also known for exposing vital ‘portions’ of their body on the internet just to get what I call ‘useless attention’

In my quest to find out why men normally cheat on their wives, I met this young girl who disclosed to me how she successfully influenced her boss to cheat on his wife with her by seducing him for about 21 days during her National Service.

Read what she said:
“It wasn’t because of money, job or anything, I was just lustful after him and I really wanted to try his d!ck.”

“It all started the very first day of my service, I fell in love with the shape of his d!ck in his trousers when he was addressing us during orientation. I promise myself to try his jack at all cost while working with them so it sounded like a dream come true when I was told I will be working at his office as his personal assistant.

I knew I couldn’t tell him what I feel about him so I had to plan on how to get his attention. I started reading articles on how to get a man into your pants within the shortest possible time. The strategies were many but I settled for seduction; the easiest way to get any man into your pant according to experts.

I started wearing dresses which will expose my breasts and thighs to work but I was still not getting the response I wanted. I finally decided not to wear panties to work so that there will be no time wasting when the opportunity comes.

The urge to have sekx with him was so severe that I sometimes masturbated while looking at his pictures on my phone at home.

That Friday, the office was a little busy so we didn’t close at the normal time but all the other workers rushed home when work was done leaving only me and him to finish things up at the office.”

“While I was still writing the report for the week, he came to me and ask how long I have been coming to work with no panties. I was so embarrassed but I manage to reply and said about three weeks now.

After a little chitchat we started a very romantic fore play. He sucked my boobs and I also gave him a nice bj. I later pulled up my skirt and bent over for him.
We became sekx partners after that day”

She gladly revealed.


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