Four men believed to be Rev. Obofour ‘tugs ‘have been reported to Mile 7 police station for allegedly assaulting Ebenezer Effah and three other friends.

Rev Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel

The incident according to the victims occured on Saturday, the 10th of November, 2018

The victims who converged at a usual stop that faithful day for food after a routine ‘keep fit’ exercise had little to do when heavily built men assaulted them for mentioning Rev.Obofour’s name in their conversation.

“….whiles eating, the topic of Rev. Obofour came up because his church just relocated to Achimota, 2 minutes walk from the eating joint. Believe me, just the mention of Obofour’s name, the tugs walked in and assaulted us…”Ebenezer Effah recounted to

Ebenezer Effah sustained minor bruises on his left hand and legs after an attempt to flee from the dreadful hands of these tugs landed him into a gutter.

Kafui, another victim was not spared from the brutality, he had bad gash in his foot.

Kafui a victim of the assault sustained deep cuts on the foot

The victims had since been seeking medical attention after sustaining several levels of injuries.

Sources also reveals that these tugs are  stationed at the entrance of Obofour’s church, and looking out for the less provocation to act.

This comes to add up to the upsurge of tugs engaging in nefarious activities in the name of protecting the good will of their ‘superiors’

These tugs have been made to fester in the country because the actors escape from the claws of the country’s laws due to interferences by political and religious bigwigs.



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