A man believed to be an ordained man of God had a shock of his life when was allegedly caught servicing another man’s partner in bed by the girl’s lover.

In the video which is already going viral on social media, the supposed man of God is heard telling his abusers to give him the chance to explain things to them but they were too angry to listen to him.

One of the guys was seen trying to pull down the pastor’s boxer shorts when he (pastor) was still enduring dirty slaps from another guy. The lady at the center of all this barbaric act was also heard apologizing to the guys not to strip the pastor naked.

It’s still unclear whether the pastor was actually caught having sekz with the guy’s lover but he and the lady being partially naked as seen in the video suggests there’s a little truth in the guys’ allegation – however, we think they went too far!

watch some excerpt of the video below



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