A young man identified as Theophilus Morgan has set new sports betting record in Ghana after he won Gh¢57million which is equivalent to almost $12 million at a sports betting company, SafariBet.

However, the company has refused to do justice to the exact payment and has erased all of his slips from his account after barring his account for several hours on the day he won.

The company’s decision not to pay him the correct amount is based on a fabricated reason that he never won 220 slips even though there is a clear evidence to prove that he actually won the Ghc57 million.

SafariBet refuses to pay man after winning Gh¢57m with Gh¢1 sports betting

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“Morgan placed an accumulator bet on 24 matches which had a total odd of 261,833. He placed a Ghc1 bet on this accumulator which had a potential win of Ghc261,833. Morgan then placed this accumulator bet 220 times, meaning he spent a total of Gh220 cedis.

“His predictions involved games from EPL, Champions League, Italy Serie A, and even Europa League. He placed a long bet which runs from 7th November- 11th November 2018 and as he was expecting, all the 24 games won, making all the 220 slips win automatically.

“  has been told that the entire community of Nungua was jubilating when he won and was getting ready to withdraw his money only to realize his account had been blocked by the betting company, Safaribet for specific reasons.

“Morgan then stormed one of the stores of SafariBet at Labadi to find out why his account has been blocked, and after several hours, his account was enabled again, only for the betting company to reduce his actual win from Ghc57 million to meager Ghc286,991

“The company had intentionally deleted 219 of his slips, so there was no trace of evidence to prove that he had won such amount. We believe that was the main reason why they blocked his account, so they could alter things.

“But social media users had already started spreading the first screenshot which showed the Ghc57 million in his account before the company made the changes.

SafariBet refuses to pay man after winning Gh¢57m with Gh¢1 sports betting

“People think Morgan has been paid his Ghc57 million but in reality, he’s not received even a pesewa of his winnings, as we’ve gathered that Safaribet has only indicated that they would pay Ghc286,000 which is not even close to 10% of the total winnings, he legitimately won.

“In a second meeting today with Safaribet, Theophilus Morgan was hoping to walk away with his money, but the company had said, there’s no evidence to prove he won Ghc57 million (Of course, they’ve wiped all his winning slips in his account, leaving only one) and that they will pay him the Ghc286,000 on condition, that he signs an agreement that he won just one slip and not 220 slips.

“It’s funny that a big company like Safari wants to act smart. Even if you intend to pay him the Ghc286,000 why force him to sign an agreement? Do they get people to sign agreements before they win?

“It’s obvious, Safaribet knows, they are not doing the right thing and want to find a way to silence him and so are offering him that peasant amount when he should be getting his Ghc57 million.

SafariBet refuses to pay man after winning Gh¢57m with Gh¢1 sports betting

“As it stands now, Safaribet is not willing in anyway to pay him the Ghc57 million and will only agree to pay the one slip of Ghc286,000 if he will sign an agreement, to admit that he won only that amount and not Ghc57 million.

“Theophilus Morgan and his lawyers are shocked and have expressed displeasure at how Safaribet wants to outsmart him, considering that, each time, he loses his money while betting, no one calls him to sign any agreement or anything of that sort.

“There is also an evidence to show that, Morgan has been losing bets several times, by placing more than 200 slips in most occasions and he loses, but in all of that, Safari never said,  ‘oh you’ve lost soo much, come for your money‘ so we are surprised someone has won and it’s becoming hard for them to pay and then go ahead to delete his slips, to make it look like it was just one slip he won.” promise our readers to follow this story and will bring to their door steps any advancement on it.



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