Some residents of Benin city, Edo state Nigeria are yet to come out of shock after of its resident went mad just weeks after his father kicked the bucket.

According to reports, the young man alleged to be an internet fraudster popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boy’, stripped to his boxers and sat on the ground in public while purportedly making some shocking confessions.

The incident we are informed happened this morning at Agbior park by Ohovbe junction in the city and attracted a huge crowd of residents who mocked him being that they know him well. It is alleged that the young man just bought his father a new car and few weeks after that the man passed away.

The young man allegedly made some confessions that he has been killing people for rituals.

In a video shared online, the young man can be heard shouting ‘Daddy’, ‘Daddy’ as he laid on the ground and confessing.

He was mocked by the people who gathered around him and told to face the consequence of his actions.

Watch video below…



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