US-based Ghanaian rapper, Showboy has threatened to expose AMG’s Medikal and his colleagues on a $90,000 scam.

According to Showboy, the AMG squad has cashed out a huge amount of money and has refused to give him his share as ‘AMG’s Don Dada’.

He loomed that they should look out for a tragedy which is about to befall them proud to their selfishness act.

The 2HypeGang CEO explaining the occurrence revealed that Medikal and his collaborators looted the said money from a certain small boy he claims through a setup.

He added in the video that they can’t chop such a huge amount of money alone so they should report themselves to him or else he will report their illegalities to the authorities.

However, in a social media chat that was spotted in the video, it is revealed that AMG’s Kevin Fianko scammed a white soul to receive that $90,000.

But after getting hold of the money, he and Medikal try to cheat on other heirs by fabricating a plot that the client’s lawyer interfered in the withdrawal.

Well, Showboy has started posting their pictures on social media with a sell out caption to direct security officers to his co-workers.

Watch the video below…

Showboy is a former member of Criss Waddle’s AMG and it is unusual why he is desperate to report his colleagues to the authorities because of money.



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