Sister Derby picks first winners of #Kakalika Challenge for GHc1000 reward
@kuty.kris and @o_kim_n have emerged as the first winners of the #kakalika challenge.

Sister Derby made it clear to her followers on Instagram that; “Each week from now to Christmas most creative kakalika love video wins GHc 1000 cash”

Hip! Hip! Hurray!! … Congratulations to the very first winners of Sister Derby’s #Kakalika Challenge. And for the rest of us, better luck next time.

So Sister Derby has finally settled on one out of the thousands of creative videos her Dolphins sent her as the most creative #kakalika challenge video of the week. The winners are @kuty.kris and @o_kim_n.

Their video is good and I mean really good. The story-line of the video was simple and easy to follow. Although not a single word was spoken, all actions were understood correctly. This video is unsurpassed. Others who couldn’t win the grand prize also won cash prizes of undisclosed amounts.

The #kakalika Challenge and Kakalika Love song by Sister Derby have murky pasts as these were birthed from a heartbreak. After her ex, Medikal decided to publicly announce their breakup with a song featuring his new babe. But the highlight of the whole saga is the 1,000 cash prize to be won weekly until Christmas for the most creative video.

Once again congratulations to the winners. From today, you are 1,000 cedis richer. And if you are as curious as me, check out the winning video below.



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