We all have heard of lovers dying for each other and with each other in books like Romeo and Juliet, and have seen those hopeless romantics on-screen in movies, but I doubt that anyone has ever seen or heard of such a real story, but one such story has recently come out in the light.

In a grave in Ukraine, a couple has been found sleeping there together for 3000 years now. Their bodies were locked with each other, embracing each other for literally thousands of years now.

The archeologists, says the woman was alive when she stepped into the grave and chose to die with her lover. They could say this by looking at her posture and the way she held her partner. According to the experts, it is impossible that the dead woman’s body was placed in such a way.

The ancient couple belonged to the Bronze Age, and most probably belonged to prehistoric Vysotskaya/Wysocko- the culture that was found near Petrykiv village, which is in the south of the Ternopil city in western Ukraine.

Both of the lovers were found on their back, facing each other, with the woman’s right-hand hugging and her wrist kept on the right shoulder of the man. Her legs bent were resting on the stretched out legs of the man. Both of them had bronze jewelry on.

Can such love be found these days?

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Credit: SmallJoys


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