Photo of a young boy believed to be the son of late Kumawood actor Abass Blinkz Nurudeen crying during his father’s funeral.

In the photo, the boy was seen sitting on the laps of a woman who appeared to be wiping his tears and his facial expression tells it all; for such a young boy to lose his father at a tender age.

The young boy lad around the ages of 7/8 was spotted at the funeral grounds of his father who was brutally killed.

Abass Nurudeen lost is life in a tragic incidence that was a heartbreaking moment for movie lovers and Ghanaians at large.

According to what we gathered, Abass tried to separate a fight between the brother-in-law of his boss and he ended up picking up a fight with him instead.

During their scuffle, two people stabbed him after which the fled from the area. Whiles, been rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention the actor passed on.

Meanwhile, a close friend of Abass, Nebu as he’s popularly called in the Kumawood movies has revealed the secret plan behind his death.

According to Nebu’s narration, the death of Abass per the incidence leading to his death was a planned thing by assailants who had long targeted him.



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