It somehow shocking when some church members tell you the kind of solutions their Pastors have asked them to do in other to help them either drive away evil spirits or help them to be successful in the various careers.

From drinking dirty water, the pastors themselves taking the members mostly women to the riverside in the name of bathing for them which sometimes eventually leads them to sleep with them if not all the time.

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The leader and founder of the Bohye Prayer and Revival Centre, Prophet/elder Bismark Amoah aka Papa Bohye have stated that he doesn’t understand why some of his colleagues have adopted strategies to extort monies from their congregation.

In a video sighted by TheNewsGh.Com, the man of God is seen questioning his colleagues why they choose to sleep and bath female church members, all in the name of delivering them from one evil spirit or the other quoting some bible quotations to back his claims.

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Prophet Bismark Amoah also questioned why many churches in the country have been turned into market centers where pastors are selling creams, onion, oil, water, apple and many other things to Christians who just have the desire to worship their maker. He cautions such men of God to be careful, because the Lord’s judgment may soon be upon them.

Watch the video below:

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