Oforikrom Police 1The injured suspect is receiving treatment at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

An apparent getaway attempt by two suspected thieves turned bloody when they were fleeing on a motorbike after snatching a man’s bag.

The two men were hit by a sprinter bus during their escape attempt at Sakaman junction, a suburb of Dansoman in Accra.

One of the men who was knocked down is reported to have died instantly.

His partner was alive, but was seen to have severely injured his right leg.

“At first, we didn’t know that they were armed robbers or something like that… the car hit them and they fell on the road. One died on the spot, and the other one was wounded seriously lying in the middle of the road,” an eyewitness, Richard Abbey, recounted to Citi News.

It was after the accident, when the man whose bag had been snatched, took notice of the suspected thieves.

“One person came and he saw his bag on the ground where the people were, and he said the people on the ground took his bag so people were suspecting that they may be armed robbers. Police have come and taken them, and they are going to do their investigations,” Richard Abbey said.

The injured suspect has since been taken to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for treatment by the Odokor Police.



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