The parents of a form two pupil of the Presbyterian Junior High School (JHS) in Wa of the Upper West region has appealed to the Police administration to investigate circumstances where a
teacher of the school crippled their child.

The pupil, according to reports was subjected to an inhumane treatment by a mathematics teacher for making noise in class leaving the victim with sore knees.
The victim, the report stated is unable to walk properly as a result of the maltreatment.

Throwing more light on the incident, the victim said, his offense was that he tried to close a window to avoid the sun having direct conduct with his eyes as teaching and learning was in session but this did not go down well with the mathematics teacher who subjected him to this ordeal.

He revealed that “The mathematics teacher who was sitting outside called me out and made me to go on his knees while crawling.”

He added “It was this afternoon around 12pm when I was closing a window by my desk because the sun was reflecting inside the classroom, Mr. Ahmed saw me from outside and called me out and said I was making noise and made me kneel down while crawling, he was also caning me at the same time.

“Some of my colleagues who were also captured as ‘talkatives’ in class were also made to do same, my cuts are a bit major than theirs but they also have bruises on their knees.”


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