The mysterious deaths toll at Tema Newtown continues to rise as another family have lost a member under strange circumstances.

60-year-old Abraham Mensah whom according to reports was very fit suddenly complained of chest pains and was rushed to the Tema General Hospital where he passed on.

His distraught sister, Mary Mensah, expressed shock at the sudden demise of his brother who was with her throughout the day.

“We were all together at home yesterday and he did not show signs of ailment so I’m very shocked,” she bemoaned.

Mary Mensah said his brother is part of about 18 people who died mysteriously under unexplained circumstances.

“My children and I performed the spiritual bath but I’m not sure my brother did. I’m praying it [the spiritual bath] works,” she stated.

Madam Mensah said fear-stricken residents are threatening to move from the area to prevent deaths.

She called on religious leaders in the area to collaborate and seek the face of God to avert the unfortunate deaths.

Even though the Ghana Health Service has dismissed claims of an outbreak by associating the deaths to lifestyle diseases, the situation appears to be getting out of hand.


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