There is a proverb in Akan language which goes like “efie abosua twa wo a, 3y3ya sene abonten de3” to wit, if a friend/relative willfully offends you, it hurts more than when someone you do not know hurts you. Shatta Wale’s present situation is a good example of this proverb.

As all of us are already aware, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie were two good friends in the music industry until Shatta decided to go for the hype and demeaned himself by attacking Sarkodie and referring to him as poor and hypocrite artist.

The Sarkcess CEO who was clearly not very comfortable with Shatta’s behavior decided to advice him as usual but this time with a microphone and beat.
The words in the song meant to advice Shatta by King Sark were so sensitive and powerful. The song did not only take over social media but also received a lot of endorsement from other ‘A’ class artists.

As usual, everybody was expecting ‘indisciplined’ Shatta Wale to reply Sarkodie in a more dirty way like he’s been doing to colleague artists who criticize his uncultured behaviors and actions but it seems that is not going to happen.

The question we are asking is why has Shatta not replied the song up to now? Is he now matured or just lacks the confidence to reply?
We know you may have your answers to all the questions but a fact will always remains a fact.

Shatta told music lovers in an interview that he has refused to reply Sarkodie because he doesn’t want to end Sarkodie’s carrier. He further argued that Sarkodie is a small boy for him when it comes to music and he does not want a situation where Sarkodie mother would come and apologize to him on behalf of her son. With these comments Shatta was insinuating that his response to Sarkodie diss song would have been so degenerating and deteriorating to the extent that there would be no recognition for Sark in the music scene. If you know and understand music, this comment from Shatta is light and a very senseless excuse because somebody like him cannot end Sark’s career.

We also understand that Shatta bought himself new chains believe to be made of gold just to prove to Sarkodie that he doesn’t wear low class chains as he(Sarkodie) was suggesting in the diss song. The question we are asking is, was there any need for that???
Why would he buy a new gold chain if what he was using previously wasn’t substandard, better still ‘Alumi’?

You also remember that the brand ‘Sarkodie’ was one of the songs he performed when he was launching his ‘Reign album? Oh yes, Shatta spent several minutes to discuss Sarkodie at his album launch.

All these should tell you Shatta really wish he could reply Sarkodie’s diss song but just lacks the confidence.

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Source: TheNewsGh.Com


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