A time traveler who says he is from the year 6,000 has many things to tell about the future. Most of us don’t believe this guy who ‘passed a lie detector test’ but he is ready to prove what he is saying is true.

The man claims that in 6,000, they have already found a cure to innumerable diseases such as cancer and people are governed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

He said: “I can assure you that what I am saying is true. It’s not my intention to deceive anybody. I simply want to spread a message about the future of humanity and where the world is headed.”

“I was part of a top-secret program to send people forward in time,” the unknown man explained. “There is secret time travel technology that is being hidden from you at this very moment.”

He added: “I’ve seen the way the world changed the technologies that have emerged. It would blow your mind. If you only knew the technologies that existed in the year 6000, it would truly blow your mind. The world has changed so much.”

The time traveler added: “In the year 6,000 there are a number of technologies and medical advances that would make our current state of living here in 2018 seem quite primitive.

We have found cures for innumerable amounts of diseases. A cure for cancer was found in the 3000. That’s all I can say right now.”

He also mentioned that the ability to teleport will be invented and that time travel will be open to the public.

He even managed to take a photo of a city in 6,000 but he couldn’t mention which city as it could lead to ‘influential change.’

“This is a photograph from the year 6,000,” he said. “Now, you may notice that the actual picture itself is a little distorted. That is because in the time travel process, pictures tend to get distorted.”

He added that his friend, who is currently trapped in 6,000, “accidentally uploaded his brain to a virtual reality server in which he cannot allow those.”

“When he uploaded his brain to it, and he can’t come out. So he’s essentially living inside of him, inside of a different reality in the year 6,000.”

He added: “Eventually these brain upload technologies will replace while we think of his death. There will be no end to life and consciousness.

We’ll be sending consciousness throughout the stars.”

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