The demise of popular facebook slay queen Charlotte Abena Woodey has sparked lots of controversies.

Many of her friends are of the assertion that she was used for rituals by a ‘sakawa’ boy.

In the latest development, a social media user who claims to be very close to the late Slay Queen, Charlotte Abena Woodey has revealed that she fell for the trap of the Sakawa boy who has been accused of killing her.

The man added that Abena Woodey was trapped with an iPhone 7+.

He added that he did his best to pull her from the sakawa guy but to no avail because she was so much into material things.

In a video that has surfaced on facebook, the late Abena Woodey was spotted dancing and chit chatting in a car with alleged boyfriend identified as Governor Taju who is a sakawa kingpin from Swedru and in the video the iphone 7 plus was on her laps.

He even revealed he bought a customized neckless for Woodey in attempt to dissuade her from following the Sakawa boy but she didn’t listen to anything he said to her and his warnings.

Listen to the shocking revelation below : 



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