A group calling itself Denkyira Democratic Movement of NDC (DDM), is calling on the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress NDC not to allow Ambrose Amoah Ashia to contest for the Parliamentary seat on the ticket of the NDC in the Upper Denkyira East Constituency in the Central Region of Ghana.
Speaking with the leader of DDM in the person of Mohammed Salisu Hussein, he said that Ambrose Amoah Ashia who per his late father residing in Dunkwa-on-Offin made him spend part of his life here. When he was ripe for politics he opted to join the Upper Denkyira West Constituency where he claim his home town Asuadae can be located.All his political life he has been with the Upper Denkyira west Constituency. Whenever the Upper Denkyira east is in any problem he has turn a deaf ear to the problems.

He is the immediate past District Chief Executive(DCE), immediate past Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC Upper Denkyira west, and a registered member of the NDC Upper Denkyira West.

His animosity for his constituent’s in Upper Denkyira west has brought nightmare upon him that is why he is trying to contest the Upper Denkyira east constituency Parliamentary seat. They mentioned they believe in democracy but they just don’t need him in Upper Denkyira East constituency. There are enough and competent people groomed to contest for Upper Denkyira east constituency Parliamentary seat.
They again said that if even the Upper Denkyira East cannot even raise a Parliamentary Candidate they will never fall on a divide and rule tactician like Ambrose Amoah Ashia.
DDM is saying that they are not discriminating against Ambrose but they are trying to give opportunity to people who have suffered to make Upper Denkyira east constituency attractive as it is today to contest, since they know their problems and can prescribe the right solution when voted as Parliamentary Candidate.

Ambrose Amoah Ashia has done his research and realised that the Upper Denkyira east constituency is now ripe to be taken by the NDC in the Parliamentary race that is why he is switching constituency to reap where he has not sow.

He purchased a pick-up car and added money to sponsor some of the newly elected executive so that his dream of contesting in Upper Denkyira East constituency as Parliamentary Candidate can become a reality.

Whiles Ambrose Amoah Ashia was spending lavishly on his favorite candidates for the constituency executive elections in Upper Denkyira east, the only Mahindra Pick-up for Upper Denkyira west was grounded making party activities in Upper Denkyira West very difficult.Yet because of his parochial interest to become Parliamentary Candidate for Upper Denkyira east he he left his mother constituency to suffer.

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