It’s sad to know that the rate at which some young folks in society want to get rich in the shortest possible time and ready to do anything to “chop” this fate is very alarming.

A young man who is a carpenter from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria has been caught trying to use the destinies of all his neighbours for money rituals.

According to reports, the young man who from the look of his picture could be in his twenties who seen by a young girl in the neighbourhood having his bath on a local grinder used by all the occupants of the house where he resides at Moniya garage.

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He was then reported to the elders who summoned and questioned why he was caught in that act.

Upon several questioning, he revealed that he was instructed by one Islamic cleric identified as Alfa asked him to do that so he would become rich in a short period.

When the elders’ sort to find out from him the fate of other neighbours who use the grinder would be and he said nothing will happen to them again since the ritual has spoilt after he was caught.

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The elders recommended they hand him over to the local police in the area but his mother pleaded with them to spare him since he was naive to what he was doing.

He was eventually taken to his room, where all the black soaps he uses were retrieved before being pardoned by the residents.

Watch the video below;

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