You think you have seen it all when it comes to the old times shared by Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and his wife Tracy?

Then a new video containing old photos of the two as shared by Tracy and seen would surprise you.
Looking at how both of them looked in some of the photos, it is clear that they were shot over ten years ago.

The beautiful wife made a compilation of their recent photos together with the old ones so that their fans would get the picture of their love journey more clearly.
In the caption that came along with the video, Tracy wrote in the Twi language “Ya’br3” literally meaning “we have been tired!”, as if to say “from grass to grace”.

Her caption throws light on their love affair which reportedly lasted for 13 years before they finally got married in 2018.

During all those times, they were ‘hustlers’, especially Sarkodie, who revealed in an earlier report that he had to live with a guardian who abused him when he was a child because life was difficult for the family.

Some of the photos had Sarkodie looking extremely lanky; obviously those were the times he was struggling as an underground artiste to make an appearance in the music industry.

Tracy’s caption also portrays her as a good and virtuous woman who stood by her man when he had nothing through to when he became ‘somebody’.
Their wedding which took place in July last year was the talk of town, and Tracy herself couldn’t hide her joy.

She was especially excited over their wedding cake which appeared from the ceiling and remained hanging throughout the event.
Tracy shared the photo on her Instagram and described it as “Africa’s first hanging cake’.


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