Perhaps, the most touching and inspiring of all the photos which have been shared in the ’10-year-challenge’ trend is that of Ivor Greenstreet, a former presidential candidate of the CPP.

Ivor, who is currently bound to a wheelchair, shared a photo he took 10 years ago walking proudly as a lawyer, together with a photo of him sitting in a wheelchair as his present condition.

He wrote a touching caption along with the photo and this has got some Ghanaians to react rather sadly to his post both on Facebook and Instagram.

Ivor wrote: “The Almighty God has been good to me too.

#10yearchallenge It ain’t how hard u fall that counts, but how u get up.

By writing that it is not how hard one falls but how he gets up that counts, the former CPP presidential candidate seems to be celebrating his own achievements so far since he got bound to a wheelchair years ago.


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