Relationships are supposed to be geared towards a successful end but more often than not, this does not happen for millions of people across the world.

Some find themselves in happy relationships only for it to collapse faster than they could have realised. Others are never happy from the first day the relationship kicked off.

Whether you are happy or sad in your relationship, it is important to take note of your lives together. This helps to know if you are in a wrong relationship.

A wrong relationship is one in which you are not meant to be, simply defined.

1. You do not feel like yourself
Everything you have liked about yourself, who you are, or what makes you uniquely you, will be faded and gone.
Unfortunately, this happens a lot in relationships. Gradually, the real you gives way to some complex and unfamiliar version and that makes you sadder with time.

2. You are constantly trying to prove your worth
It is bad enough that we have to constantly seek our worth in the world. But if we are also doing this in our relationship, there is something wrong.
This is because a relationship is one place where we should not look to continue to re-assert ourselves and interests.

3. You feel like you are a spectator in the relationship
Many people get to a state where they let life happen to them instead of allowing themselves to be competitive partakers in what happens around them.
Those in wrong relationships find themselves being witnesses to the happenings between themselves and their partners. They just roll with the times.

4. You do not care if your partner takes care of themselves
In a wrong relationship, you just do not give up on yourself. You give up on your partner too.
A relationship that is supposed to be a partnership sees the two people working to cover and improve each other’s weaknesses.

5. You break up without saying the words
At some point, you would end the relationship without actually saying the words. It is the point where you have given up or given in, and you may not even realise it.
At this point, the experiences you have with your partner are passive-aggressive. One of you is just waiting for the other to say they are leaving.


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