Leaders of Agricultural Colleges Students Union (ACSU) have threaten to boycott school in all the five Agricultural Colleges when school reumes on the 8th February  if government do not give them any reasonable response to their demands.

The group says they are demanding for the resignation of Hon. George Oduro for deceiving them and subsequently ask for the restoration of their allowances as promised, improved infrastructure, feeding grants and provision of buses before February 8th.

This was made known In a press statement that was issued on Monday January 7th and signed by the president of ACSU Tokoli Promise Buenortey.

“We are by this declaring that, we are not going to resume on 8th February until our challenges are addressed” it stated.

They insist that, despite the negative implications of their boycott, they are justified in their demands, as unlike the nurses and teachers, they weren’t guaranteed jobs and needed the allowances to survive because most of their seniors drop out of school due to the fact that they couldn’t pay their fees.

“We feel neglected and have no access to government benefit. President Nana Akufo-Addo, then candidate in the 2016 election campaign promised to restore our scrapped allowances, feeding grants, and others but since assuming office, Agricultural students in the country has seen nothing” it further states.

They believe it would be better for students to stay home than to go back to the campuses since politicians wants to collapse Agric colleges.


You can contact the leadership of ACSU on


Tokoli Promise Buenortey

(President Acsu)


Twum Michael

(ACSU president kwadaso college of Agric)


Iddrisu Ishaq Issah

(Acsu president Animal health production college)




  1. The question is why is it that the government is ignoring the demands of agric colleges and at the same time telling the youth to venture into farming …please it seems we don’t know what we are doing they don’t have any access to any government benefit as it stands now as compared to the teacher and nursing colleges.
    And what hurt much most is for the deputy Minister Hon George Oduro to come out and tell the colleges that he is going to think with his Wife, children and family before he can attend to their issue and also the spokes person for the ministry Issah Tanko also said the government is paying attention to the sensitive part before attending to the agric colleges so we are all Ghanaian so I think we should all consider the feelings of our students in the various agric colleges to help them have a sound mind to continue with their Carrier thanks.


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