Following the abduction of girls and other evil activities which have besieged the area recently, a group of angry youths who have clearly had enough of the aforementioned activities are out to set at least 15 lunching centres for criminals that would be apprehended in the area.

This was gathered by from a post by a Facebook user identified as Imagine Takoradi.

According to the Facebook post as sighted by, series of criminal activities have been happening in the area but authorities are doing little or nothing to address the issue, making people living in the Takoradi city and its environs very vulnerable to some of these unfortunate happenings

A portion of the text reads:
‘When people cry for help and their help get dismissed by those who could help, then it’s ok to take the law into their own hands’. This is reportedly a comment from one of the #Koogyan group members during interrogation.


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