Ghanaian-based Gambian actress and modern princess of the screens, Princess Shyngle has finally made a confession that she hates her body.

According to the tapoli shaped figure, it is a big curse to possess such a s*xy body though she herself struggled to be in that form.

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Princess Shyngle

Our inquiries revealed that Princess Shyngle does not have any internal bodily organs because she has milked them all out in her quest for a s*xy body but now confessing to hate that body. So what was all that suffering for then?

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In an Instagram story, the actress complained about her body, revealing that, it’s too s*xy and it has become a curse to her to the point that she hates it now.

She wrote: “Being s*xy is a f*cking curse…at this point I literally hate my body.”

Read her post below…

Being s£xy is a curse; I hate my body - Princess Shyngle confessesBeing s£xy is a curse; I hate my body - Princess Shyngle confesses

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Princess Shyngle is reported to have received several warnings from health officials for ages about the consequences of the intense waist trainers she uses to drive that surrealistic body shape upon herself. Maybe she’s finally seen the light?



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