Popular television presenter Berla Mundi has displayed her kitchen on social media and fans have admired her.

The kitchen looks ultra-modern, and from her caption and facial expression, it was clear that Berla herself was admiring her kitchen. Looking ultra-modern also mean that it is an expensive kitchen, and this goes a long way to show how rich Berla Mundi must be.

Berla Mundi in her ultra-modern kitchen

Apart from the kitchen, Berla was also feeling proud of herself when she wrote that she is a
“sulper (super) star”. berlamundi: “Know this girl from anywhere?

Tell her she is a ‘sulper starlllll’!!!!!! #2019#byoubyberlamundi#thelateafternoonshow #starrdrive. And oh I like her kitchen .

I hear @lonchagh made it #lonchakitchen.” Her photo has received some wonderful compliments from her fans and followers.

For instance, Nadjei praised Berla saying she had the most adorable legs among all Ghanaian female celebrities:

nadjei880: “You have undoubtedly the most adorable legs amongst the female celebrities .” Perhaps by her status and beauty,

Oheneba said Berla has made it in life: oheneba_nana_bonsu: “You’ve made it by being u Berla

@berlamundi.” Siddi stated that he liked Berla’s kitchen: siddiqaziz65: “I like your kitchen.”

0pokujosephine: “Perfect living.” Mzvee wrote that she hoped Berla’s cooking would be “dope” like the kitchen: mzvee_fan_page:

“The way the kitchen dey bee, I hope the cooking be dope��.” Darko also described Berla as a beautiful and decent celebritiy darko6050:

“Beautiful and decent celebrity.” There are more of such comments which show that Berla Mundi is loved and admired by her over one million followers on Instagram.


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