A 45 -year-old man of Lusaka has told the Chawama local court that he found his two nephews fighting over his wife’s pregnancy.

Isaac Cheelo told magistrate Lewis Mumba that he did not know that his wife had an affair with one of his nephew, Patson, until he found him fighting with another nephew, Henley who also wanted to have sex with his wife and claiming to be the father of her only daughter.

“I got these 2 boys from the village almost 3 years ago. They started Grade 11 here until they completed last year. But without me knowing, both started going out with my wife until one of them impregnated her”. I thought it was my pregnancy until I found them fighting over my wife and my 1 year old daughter”, Cheelo told the court.

Cheelo said each of the two boys had wanted to have sex with his wife when he was away doing business.

And his wife Emmah Cheelo surprised the court when she admitted having sex with her husband’s two nephews. Emmah claimed she decided to sleep with the two boys because t her husband was failed to make her conceive for 4 years.


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