Whilst most women would never experience multiple orgasms in their life but for this woman, it’s a living nightmare. She has an average of 50 uncontrollable orgasms daily every day.

Amanda Grace suffers from a rare condition which makes her experience 50 irrepressible orgasms in a day. These uncontrollable orgasms can happen anywhere at any time with even the slightest vibration as a trigger.

The 22-year old says, “Instead of being a beautiful thing that it’s supposed to be, it’s becoming more of a nuisance. Unfortunately, there is currently a cure or medical explanation for the condition. So Amanda has to bank on on yoga and exercise to calm her nerves.

According to Amanda, although pleasure is a good thing it’s just like candy. She says eating candy makes you feel good but eating a lot of it will get you sick. And that’s the same with pleasure.

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome is impulsive, persistent, unsolicited and intense genital arousal in the absence of sexual desire or stimulation. Which causes the victim to have multiple orgasms over hours or days for relief.


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