Sometime last month, reported a sad story about a young girl who was tortured by a gang of four women after she was spotted at a drinking spot with one of the four’s husband.

These women reportedly dragged the girl to their house where they forcefully inserted a beer bottle into her vagina.

According to a latest report sighted by on, the case involving these four Zambian women who were arrested for their horrific misconduct failed to proceed in court, as the victim did not show up thereby bringing speculations that the culprits have allegedly bribed their victim in order for them to snub justice.

ZambianObserver reports that, when the matter came up for continued trial, the complaint was not present.

The arresting officer told the court that he received a call from a strange number by the victim, who informed him that she would never go back to Ndola area again and that she is somewhere safe.

The Court ordered the father to the victim to explain his daughter’s whereabouts but he said he has no knowledge of where his daughter is.

The four suspects were arrested on December,11, following a video that went viral showing them inserting a bottle of beer into another woman’s vagina whom they accused to have been sleeping with one of their husbands.


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