Following the steps of the Sarkcess Music CEO Sarkodie who sometime last year gave a coded definition to the word ‘Confidence’, Yaa Jackson has again triggered the anger of a section of social media users as she defines who a ‘fool’ is in her own words.

In her latest Facebook post, the Kumawood young actress whose desperation for fame has blocked not only her sense of reasoning but her team as well is now referring to her critics as fools.

A fool is someone who borrows bundle just to come on my page and insult me for flaunting what I bought with my own had earned money… Why don’t you go and look for yours? Are you people correct at all??” Her post reads

Her post clearly did not go well with her critics as they welcome her post with a bunch of insults


  1. Yaa Jackson of yesterday has grown too big to be insolence she’s still young so she should calm herself down and respect her elders


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