Celebrated Ghanaian radio and TV personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso has in recent weeks been dropping a lot of hints which suggests that she has found her dream man who is probably doing the much-needed magic in life even though she has not publicly made such a bold revelation yet.

In a report sighted on by, the entrepreneur expresses her believe that she will be a great housewife for her mister right should he decide to take her to the altar any time soon. She wrote: “THINK I WILL BE A VERY GREAT HOUSEWIFE

This latest hint from Delay is like the ‘tenth’ clue she has dropped this year that she has some plans to settle down this year.

It will be recalled that in a recent interview Delay the ‘Cocoa Brown’ said that she will definitely settle down with a man in this year. Anyway, whoever this Mr. Right who is currently fueling Delay to make all these pronouncements, we hope he takes her to the altar soon.

Check out Delay’s post on her instagram page


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