Kwese TV host Efia Odo has defended an earlier comment made by singer and model Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Deborah on her twitter handle.


Earlier the ex-girlfriend of Medikal who is still coping with her broken heart twitted asking Christians not to condemn people who show some flesh when they dress because Jesus Christ was even half-naked on the cross.

She twitted: “‘But how can showing skin in Ghana even be a negative when it’s so hot?! Even Jesus Christ was half naked on the cross and if it was harmful to us then Christians should’ve dressed him in post presentations at least. Or?‘


Trust social media users to attack her for making such comment about the son of God as they descended on her but Efia Odo who is known to be a fan of showing too much skin twitted in support of Sister Derby.

She twitted: ‘Same social media platform that has people like me who dress showing skin also has other influencers who might cover up more. People choose who they relate to more, If you like someone then just like them for their positives and leave the negatives!‘


See screenshot below:

What do you think about the two comment made by the two slay queens??




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