The latest innovation that’s being sold to church members who attend the Canaanland Adoration Ministries is the prophetic prayer recharge card.

The Prophetic prayer recharge card which is sold to church members for #200, has an option of subscribing for someone.

Twitter user @thisisChibuzor who shared photos of the card, wrote;

“It’s 2019, praying for yourself is no longer enough, you have to subscribe too! It’s heavenly subscription. Imagine going to hell because we refused to subscribe”

“Stay there, fathers, sisters, prophets, high priests, native doctors are all doing it now, if you fall you fall. Lol… But don’t forget to subscribe! Amen. Stay there, heavenly visa is next. Already shared the idea on the TL in my last tweet.”

Though the motive behind this card may sound ridiculous to many, members of Canaanland Adoration Ministries claim the card has been working miracles for them just like how Obinim’s sticker is filling empty cylinders for his church members in Ghana

Check out the card;


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