Prophecies, Prophecies and more Prophecies–We are not done telling you about the many prophecies from 31st December 2018 by popular Prophets in the country and we’ve chanced upon on this one by the Eagle Prophet who has revealed that God told him that anyone who fights against the building of the National Cathedral will die or risk having his/her generation cursed.

The Eagle Prophet who is base in Kumasi disclosed that God has told him that the National Cathedral must be built and that any pastor or person who fight against it will taste death.

Explaining why the cathedral must be built, he gave what he termed as Prophetic history, saying that the first president of Ghana, the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah brought gods into Ghana with the aim of the gods helping him to develop the country and he performed some sacrifices while he was alive so the gods would help him develop the country.

He continued to say that, as Nkrumah died, there has not been able to continue serving and performing the necessary sacrifices for the gods he brought here and so that has left a curse on Ghana, a reason why we find ourselves in this hardship.

According to him, God told him if the nation builds the National Cathedral for Him, we will be blessed beyond measure and it will help break that curse which is causing hardship in the country.

The Eagle Prophet who looked serious about what he was saying even went ahead to say one of the reasons why CPP is struggling as a party is because of some rituals Nkrumah performed in the Central Region.

Well, watch the video below and share your thoughts below.




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