We don’t know what’s wrong with some of our girls.

In this video, a girl who was live on Facebook and dancing either mistakenly or intentionally decided to show her  ‘Akosua Kumaa’ while live.

The unidentified lady, apparently, had so much time at her disposal, therefore, decided to entertain her followers by recording a live video.

And like many aimless Ghanaian ladies, she was exhibiting her dancing skills to her friends on the social network.

Of course, a song was been played at the background while she was tw3rking and displaying her moves – like it’s Fridaaaay.

She suddenly started teasing her male viewers, by pulling up her mini skrt little by little, and gosh the devil on her side exposed her Akosua Kumaa.

The lady unaware of the development kept dancing until she realized and ran away from the camera.


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