When you embark on fasting and prayer, pay attention to your body and health. A middle-aged man who apparently had been fasting and praying in order to round up the year 2018 and enter the New Year on a strong note reportedly ran mad.

The man whose identity is not yet known was seen lying along the busy Upper Sokponba road in Nigeria’s Benin City.

According to, the man was returning from the church where he had participated in the fasting and prayer programme when he started speaking abnormally.

The news website reported some witnesses as saying that he demanded for a plate of Fufu and meat as he was palpably starving.

Reports say when the pastor of the church to which the man belongs came to the scene, he declined to reveal the identity of his member. All he did was to ask bystanders to allow the man to rest and eat.

One of the witnesses who claimed to have ever been a member of the unnamed church is reported as saying she had to leave the church partly because of the excessive dry fasting and prayer.



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