“Love is a beautiful thing,” they say and Tracy Sarkcess; wife of Ghana’s most decorated rapper and CEO of SarkCess Music, Sarkodie has recounted how 2018 has been a good year for her and the surprise which came her way.

Taken to her social media page to share her memories of 2018, she revealed how she lost some friends, made new ones, started new projects and above all, watching her daughter, Titi, grow up into a very brilliant and sharp girl.


She further made a revelation of what seems to be her biggest surprise ad a memory that will forever remain with her for the rest of her life. According to her in her long post, she never knew Sarkodie would finally marry her last year, 2018.

“A successful & heavenly New Year to everyone! A toast to being “a very busy person” in 2019 without others “wasting our time” and telling us if they will @titi_sarkcess
But on the real though, I am grateful for my family and everyone who made 2018 a success. Went into 2018 without actually knowing I will be walking down the aisle with my best friend A , but we did! I made new friends, lost some, started new projects, and watched my daughter grow into a smart and beautiful girl 0). . So as I enter into 2019, I pray and hope that it will be just as good or even better than 2018. May we have the strength and courage to embrace our highs and lows as a learning curve. And finally, in all things let LOVE (GOD) lead! Amen”,
Tracy said in the post.





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