If you were thinking there is going to be a break in the leakage of sex tapes and nude videos then kindly start thinking otherwise because that is not going to happen, judging from all indications.

Since the beginning of this year, has spotted at least 10 sex tapes and that alone should tell you that the disease has gotten to an incurable stage with the help of smartphones.

What baffle minds is that, why do people still record themselves when having sex regardless of the the shame and stigmatization other victims have already suffered?!

In this new video, a young girl who appears to be very honey is heard calling a guy called Robert to come and fu*k her. She also revealed how she was going to give Robert a very nice bjay when he comes.

The lady comments suggest that, she and Robert had actually planned to have sekz on the day the video was recorded but she was too honey so she decided to have a good feel of her vagina whiles waiting for Robert to come for the real action.

For some reasons, we can’t upload the video here but our cherished readers who wish to watch it should kindly forward their whatsapp numbers to the line below for the video



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