With a New Year comes the new goals, the resolutions and plans to get the next 365 days in other.

Some people follow their goals to the letter, some do not even finish January 1, before they break almost everything on their list, while others would struggle and struggle with the list until they finally give up.

Ghanaian teen actress cum musician Yaa Jackson who recently threw a shot at Dhat Gyal  has entered into 2019 with a new outrageous demand.


According to the young musician, she wants a one night stand with Shatta Wale.

In a recent  Facebook post, the bad girl teen actress seems so obsessed with the dancehall musician and wants to spend some intimacy with him together.

She, however, threatened to take her own life should Shatta Wale denies her that opportunity of sucking his ‘distin’.


Dear shatta wale (shatta movement) if you don’t give me the chance to suck your d+ck, I will kill myself.” she wrote

See screenshot below :

Yaa Jackson Facebook post






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