It’s been 10 years of friendship with Yvonne Nelson and I haven’t seen her n3kkedness before - Prince David Osei

There’s a new trend on social media which takes us way back to 10 years ago to have an insight of how our favorites celebrities looked back then and you’ll be shocked over how some of them have drastically transformed now.

Prince David Osei joining the 10-years throwback challenge has decided to narrate how he has been in touch with his female colleagues(actresses) for decades and have never seen their n3kkedness before.

Prince David Osei and Yvonne Nelson

Taking to Instagram, Prince David Osei shared a photo of himself and Yvonne Nelson captioned; “Hmmmm we have been friends over a decade. Yet we have never seen each other’s nakedness before but they still call me a “BAD BOY” I am the “goodest” boy of all boys walai…True Friendship exists”.

The self-acclaim bad boy didn’t end his sexualization of the 10-year throwback with Yvonne but extended it to how he has also acted romantic scenes with Martha Ankomah and been friends with her over ten years but has not seen her nakedness too before.



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